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1. Title

Future challenges and resilience of farming systems in Europe (178th EAAE seminar)


2. Date and location

18th-20th May 2021 (9-12 o‘clock CET), online.

Registration for presenters is 100 Euro, for all other participants it is free of charge.


3. Theme

Challenges in the form of short-term shocks or long-term stresses are inherent to agriculture. Extreme weather events, livestock and plant diseases, market shocks, absence of farm successors, shortage of labour force, constantly changing legislative frameworks, and other challenges, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, endanger the efficient provision of public and private goods. How can farming systems adapt or radically transform to cope with these challenges? What resilience-enhancing strategies can be followed? Who is taking the lead in enhancing resilience of a farming system? 

The seminar intends to take a fresh look at current and future challenges for agriculture in Europe, associated weaknesses and opportunities of European farming systems, and how these affect their resilience capacities. It also investigates the role of business and public policy in enhancing future resilience capacities. Special attention will be paid to the need for research and research infrastructures in this field.

The focus of the seminar is on methods for and research into the design, adoption and performance of resilience-enhancing strategies in Europe. Also papers that provide experiences from other regions or domains with useful lessons for European farming systems and their institutions are welcomed.


4. Background

The accumulation of multiple challenges in agriculture and their potentially complex interconnections lead to concerns about the long term viability of food and other agricultural production, the sustainability of agricultural systems, the vitality of rural areas and the delivery of ecosystem services. The capacity to cope with the challenges is conceptualised as resilience. The seminar explicitly focuses on resilience of farming systems, not single farms. A farming system includes farms and other stakeholders, i.e., input suppliers, cooperatives, banks and other financial institutions, local policy makers, that are mutually dependent with farms. While enhancing resilience requires contribution of all the actors in the farming system, their complex interactions and often conflicting interests and perceptions impede development and implementation of resilience-enhancing strategies, which provides scope for research.


5. Objectives

The EAAE seminar aims to offer an interactive platform to exchange ideas and to generate an integrated view of adjustments and prospects in resilience of farming systems in Europe. The seminar is relevant to the scientific community and to decision makers in business, politics and NGO including the donor community.

The seminar intends to discuss and analyse the state-of-the-art in future challenges identification and resilience assessment in European agriculture. What are the major challenges for farming systems in the future? What farming systems are able to cope with the challenges? What are the promising strategies in enhancing future resilience capacities? What role should policy makers, farmers, and other stakeholders play towards more resilient farming systems? This includes quantitative and qualitative analyses of expectations and perceptions of farming system agents, (new) risk management strategies, changing supply chains and interactions between stakeholders. It also includes policy research on enabling resilience capacities through the CAP.



6. Topics

Expected topics to be covered by the papers include:

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of economic, environmental, social and institutional challenges for farming systems in Europe.
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment of resilience-enhancing strategies, policies and system characteristics.
  • Farmers’ and stakeholders’ awareness, knowledge and adoption of (new) resilience-enhancing strategies, including joint learning and innovative insurance, and strategies to improve farm demographics and the availability of skilled labour.
  • The role of supply chains in enhancing resilience.
  • The role of local, national, and European governments in increasing resilience.


The seminar will be organised as a mix of keynotes in plenary sessions, presentations of selected papers in parallel sessions, and panel discussions with policy makers and agribusiness actors. One of the keynotes will be given by Katharina Helming (ZALF Institute of Land Use Systems) on future scenarios for agriculture in Europe and implications for farming system management. The seminar will be held online and will be recorded for future reference.


7. Call for papers

The seminar invites an international audience in the fields of agricultural economics, risk management, resilience, sustainability, institutional economics, policy assessment and any other field referring to the topics listed above. Papers from the seminar can be published in the online and open repository AgEcon search.


Abstract submission (1 page): 5 April 2021

Author notification: 13 April 2021

Extended abstract submission (6 pages): 3 May 2021


8. Language



9. Organisation

The EAAE seminar is organised by Wageningen University.


10. Programme Committee

  • Miranda Meuwissen, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Yann de Mey, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Alisa Spiegel, Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands
  • Uno Svedin, Stockholm Resilience Center, Sweden, and EURAGRI
  • Francesco Accatino, INRAE, France
  • Franziska Appel, IAMO, Germany
  • Alberto Garrido, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Camelia Gavrilescu, Institute of Agricultural Economics, Romania
  • Mariya Peneva, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria
  • Jens Rommel, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Sweden
  • Simone Severini, Università della Tuscia, Italy
  • Barbara Soriano, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Mauro Vigani,, University of Gloucestershire, UK
  • Erwin Wauters, ILVO, Belgium
  • Katarzyna Zawalińska, IRWiR PAN, Poland


11. Registration

For presenters: 5 May 2021

For attendees: 18 May 2021


Presenters at an EAAE Seminar have to be member of the EAAE at the time of registration for the Seminar. For those who are not yet member, the EAAE membership fee is 100 Euro for the period 2021/22 to be paid in advance of registration to the EAAE via the website of the EAAE: subscribe here . The EAAE membership requirement only holds for presenters, not for other participants.


On the EAAE website www.eaae.org you can also see the other advantages of an EAAE membership.


12. Important dates

Abstract submission: 5 April 2021 (to: miranda.meuwissen@wur.nl)

Author notification: 13 April 2021

Extended abstracts: 3 May 2021 (to: miranda.meuwissen@wur.nl)

Registration for presenters: 5 May 2021

Registration for attendees: 18 May 2021


13. Contact person

Miranda Meuwissen

Tel. +31 317 483857

*  miranda.meuwissen@wur.nl