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Member’s Publications

Below you find new information regarding member’s publications. EAAE Members can suggest publications to the EAAE board on which they would like to draw attention. Members can upload such publications directly onto the Membership database; one has to be logged on to do so. After checking and validation by the EAAE board, these publications will be posted on the website.

Publication type 
Publish date 
Paper Socio-Economic Factors Affecting the Development of Bio Production in Georgia 01-12-2016Publication
ArticleSmallholder farmers' behavioural intentions towards sustainable agricultural practicesZeweld, Van Huylenbroeck, Girmay, Speelman Publication
ArticleImpact of Use of Chemical Fertiliser on Farm Households’ Risk Behaviour and Food Security in EthiopiaZeweld, Hidgot and Hailu Publication
ArticleAdoption of small-scale irrigation and its livelihood impacts in northern EthiopiaZeweld, Speelman, Van Huylenbroeck, Hidgot  Publication
ArticleHousehold food security through cooperative societies in northern EthiopiaZeweld, Van Huylenbroeck, Buysse  Publication
ArticleDeterminants of rural people to join cooperatives in Northern EthiopiaZeweld, Van Huylenbroeck, Buysse  Publication
ArticleImpact of food aid on household food security in Ethiopia: empirical evidenceWoldegebrial Zeweld Publication
ArticleClimate change impacts on EU agriculture: A regionalized perspective taking into account market-driven adjustments.Blanco M, Ramos F, et al.14-07-2017Publication
ArticleCalibration of agricultural risk programming modelsA. Petsakos, S. Rozakis05-01-2015Publication
Paper The state of doctoral research in Uzbekistan: Results of a survey of doctoral students in agricultural economics. IAMO Discussion Paper No. 164, Halle (Saale): IAMO. I.Ganiev, N.Djanibekov, Sh.Hasanov, M.Petrick01-07-2017Publication
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