EAAE Fellows are distinguished members who have been awarded the title of Fellow by EAAE in recognition of their relevant and continuous contribution to the advancement of agricultural economics.
The EAAE Fellows are:

  1. Luis-Miguel Albisu
  2. Giuseppe Barbero
  3. Jean-Christophe Bureau
  4. Alison Burrell †
  5. Michele de Benedictis †
  6. Csaba Csaki
  7. Sofia Davidova
  8. Ulrich Koester
  9. Louis Mahé
  10. Steve Mc Corriston
  11. Arie Oskam
  12. Quirino Paris
  13. Michel Petit
  14. Krijn Poppe
  15. Eugenia Serova
  16. Johan Swinnen
  17. Stefan Tangermann
  18. Guido Van Huylenbroeck
  19. Jerzy Wilkin  
  20. Vinus Zachariasse

Fellow Awards program

More information on the Fellow Award Programme and on the nomination process can be found here