Q Open

Q Open aims to be an inclusive forum for applied economics research broadly in the area of agricultural and environmental economics and cognate fields. The main areas of coverage are:

  • agricultural economics
  • environmental and climate economics
  • natural resource economics
  • development economics (agricultural/rural topics)
  • food economics (and related nutrition- and health economics topics)

The EAAEP Foundation publishes the journal Q Open. The Foundation (together with the publisher as co-owners of the journal) appoint the editors of the journal and supports them in collaborating with the publisher Oxford University Press (OUP). Here is the website of the journal.

Q Open welcomes replications and ‘null-result’ research. It also welcomes pre-registered experimental research, where an empirical research project and its methodology are peer-reviewed prior to data collection. The final article is then provisionally accepted on condition that the author follows the registered methodology. Proposals for special issues are encouraged. For more information go here: Q Open