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Non-EAAE events

Under this heading we provide information on activities that are relevant for our members, but not organised by the EAAE. We can therefore not guarantee the quality of activities, and have often not more information than is provided here. So in case of questions please contact sources given via de website links.

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Congress20-06-202223-06-20227th Beeronomics Conference Dublin, IrelandLink
Congress22-06-202224-06-2022IAMO Forum 2022: Rural resilienceHalle (Saale), GermanyLink
Course 27-06-202208-07-2022Impact Evaluation of Development PoliciesOn lineLink
Course 04-07-202208-07-2022Risk Analysis and Risk Management in AgricultureWageningenLink
Congress05-07-202208-07-202226th ICABR Annual ConferenceUniversity of BolognaLink
Seminar07-07-202208-07-2022ASSESSING THE EFFECTS OF NON-TARIFF MEASURESRoma, ItalyLink
Congress13-07-202215-07-2022ICA CCR European Research Conference - Athens 2022Athens, GreeceLink
Course 20-09-202223-09-2022An Introduction to Behavioural EconomicsAthens, GreeceLink
Congress22-09-202225-09-2022International Conference on ICT in AgricultureAthens GreeceLink