EAAE operates through a number of standing committees, namely: [each item below should be a hotlink to the relevant sections whose contents are reported below]

Congress Committees

EAAE organizes its triennial congress appointing two committees, namely the Local Organizing and the Scientific Programme Committees

Congress committee – Local organizing committee

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the Congress is in charge of the practical organisation of the congress.

The LOC for the XVII EAAE congress (Rennes 2023) is composed as follows:

  • Chantal Le Mouël (SMART, INRAE, France, chair)
  • Angela Cheptea (SMART, INRAE, France)
  • Alexandre Gohin (INRAE, France)
  • Marilyne Huchet (SMART, Institut Agro,France)
  • Catherine Vassy (SMART, INRAE, France)

Congress committee – Scientific programme committee

The Scientific programme committee is in charge of the scientific programme of the congress. It involves the selection and invitation of keynote speakers, the announcement of the call for papers and the selection of contributions for the congress.

The Scientific programme committee for the XVII EAAE congress (Rennes 2023) is composed as follows:

  • Miet Maertens (Belgium, chair)
  • José M. Gil (Spain, EAAE board)
  • Alexandre Gohin (France, LOC)
  • Tomas Baležentis (Lithuania)
  • Maria Blanco (Spain)
  • Natalija Bogdanov (Serbia)
  • Štefan Bojnec (Slovenia)
  • Bernard Brümmer (Germany)
  • Yann de Mey (Netherlands)
  • Cheryl Doss (United Kingdom)
  • Imre Fertő (Hungary)
  • Eva-Marie Meemken (Switzerland)
  • Anastasios Michailidis (Greece)
  • Dominika Milczarek-Andrzejewska (Poland)
  • Hermine Mitter (Austria)
  • Célines Nauges (France)
  • Pia Nilsson (Sweden)
  • Tomas Ratinger (Czech Republic)
  • Claudio Soregaroli (Italy)

Membership Committee

The committee on membership is mostly related to administration, elections and finances. Ex-officio, the Secretary General and the Secretariat, the Treasurer (finances) and the Vice-president (elections) are part of this committee.

Current members of the Membership Committee are:

  • José M. Gil
  • Esther Rozendom
  • Alfons Oude Lansink
  • Wim Verbeke

Events Committee

The committee deals with the endorsement of EAAE seminars and webinars and the contractual arrangements with seminar organizers. The committee is also responsible for organizing evaluations of the events.

Current members of the Events Committee are:

  • Helena Hansson
  • Attila Jambor
  • Alfons Oude Lansink
  • Donato Romano
  • Jutta Roosen

Committee on Early Career Researchers

The committee organizes the PhD workshop, the Mentoring Program and the PhD Platform.

Current members of the Early Career Researchers Committee are:

  • Attila Jambor (chair)
  • Alfons Oude Lansink
  • Klaus Salhofer
  • Diogo Souza Monteiro
  • Yann de Mey

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee deals with the general communication plan of the EAAE. This includes communication to the general public and members via website, twitter and linkedin as well as specific communications to members via the Newsflash or to Liaison Officers.

Current members of the Communication Committee are:

  • Esther Rozendom
  • Donato Romano
  • Jutta Roosen
  • Klaus Salhofer

Publication Awards Committee

The Publication Awards Committee oversees the following EAAE Awards that are part of the EAAE Publication Awards program: The Publication Awards Committee is proposed by the Vice-president and consist of the Past President and external members / fellows. The Past President is ex-officio the chair of the Awards Committees.

The Awards Committee 2020-2022 consists of the following members:

  • Margherita Scoppola (EAAE Past President, Chair)
  • José M. Gil (EAAE President Elect)
  • John Davis (EuroChoices Editor)
  • Carl Johan Lagerkvist (ERAE Coordinating Editor)
  • Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache (Toulouse School of Economics, France)
  • María Loureiro (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
  • Agata Malak-Rawlikowska (Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland)
  • Steve McCorriston (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Luisa Menapace (TUM, Germany)
  • Eirik Romstad (Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Oslo, Norway)

Fellow Awards Committee

The Fellow Award Committee oversees the EAAE Fellow Award Program that recognizes distinguished members for their relevant and continuous contribution to the advancement of agricultural economics.

The Fellow Award Committee is constituted by the Board on the proposal by the Vice-president. The Fellow Awards Committee consists of six former fellows plus the Past-president who is ex-officio member of the committee. The Fellow Awards Committee elects its chair. The Past-president facilitates the election with a first email.

EAAE Fellows

Fellow Award Programme