Awards for members

The Publication Awards program of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) recognizes professional excellence in research contributing to the advancement of knowledge in areas related to food, agriculture and resource economics. The Publication Awards program of the EAAE includes three annual awards:

  • the Research Discovery Award
  • the Societal Impact Award in Honour of Giovanni Anania

Recipients of Awards will be presented at the forthcoming EAAE triennial Congress.

Research Discovery Award

The research eligible for this award must be a significant contribution to the field of knowledge in any of the areas of agricultural economics. The work should demonstrate excellence in research and may deal with conceptual as well as empirical analysis of a relevant issue. For the Research Discovery Award outstanding publications (articles or other publications) can be nominated by EAAE members and non-members, including self-nominations. The nomination process is triggered by a Call for nominations and covers publications that became publicly available in the year prior to the call being made. The Award recipients are proposed by the Publication Awards Committee [link to the Publication Awards Committee above].

The winner of the Research Discovery Award for 2021 is: T. Kopp und R.J. Sexton, Traders, and Processors: Buyer Market Power and Double Marginalization in Indonesia, American Journal of Agricultural Economics 103(2) (2021), 543-568. 

You can find the complete list of winners here

Societal Impact Award in honour of Giovanni Anania

After the sudden death of our President Giovanni Anania on July 15, 2015, the EAAE board decided to rename in memory of Giovanni the Policy Contribution Award, one of the EAAE Publication Awards. More recently the Policy Contribution Award in honour of Giovanni Anania has been renamed as the Societal Impact Award in honour of Giovanni Anania and been merged with the book award.

This Award recognizes an outstanding publication that used research results to provide value for society. The publication should preferably have already a demonstrable impact on society, by referring to a change (or an initiation of a change) in policy, business practice, social practice or societal debate, which was incentivised by, or can be related to the research. It can do this by directly exploiting results or by playing an active role ensuring stakeholders effectively use the results.

Members can nominate their own publication, or the publication of another EAAE member. The prize can be awarded to a journal article, book or book chapter, that has been published over the five years before the call is issued. The date of a journal article is that of the issue. The award is granted once every three years.

The potential candidates should address the following criteria:

  • Pathway from output (results from research) to societal benefits. Publications should show how research results have contributed to societal benefits as well as their scalability and sustainability
  • Achieved impact: Authors should provide verifiable examples about how their research results have benefitted the society and who are the user communities that have profited from it.

The winner of the Societal impact Award in honor of Giovani Anania for 2021 is: Bucheli, J., Dalhaus, T., and Finger, R., The optimal drought index for designing weather index insurance, European Review of Agricultural Economics, 48(3) (2021), 573-597. 

You can find the complete list of winners here

The winner of the Societal Impact Award in honour of Giovanni Anania for 2020-2022 will be awarded at the 2023 Congress in Rennes. You can find the complete list of winners here

EAAE Book Award 2019

The EAAE gave out a triannual book award for the period 2017-2019. The EAAE Book Award 2019 winner is: Johan Swinnen, 2018. The Political Economy of Agricultural and Food Policies. London: Palgrave-McMillan.