PhD Network

EAAE PhD Network call 2023 


The European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) is committed to contribute to the career development and success of all its members, particularly early career agricultural economists. Therefore, the EAAE aims to improve access to PhD courses for early-stage researchers in Europe by offering a list of future PhD courses on the EAAE website.

Courses should aim at an audience of PhD researchers and other early career researchers and should fit within one of the following categories: (1) Theory, (2) Empirical Methods, (3) Thematic and (4) Scientific Writing. Courses advertised through this network can be in class, online or hybrid. When the courses are in class only, then the course duration should preferably be short so as to enable participants to attend the course in-person. Examples of such courses are masterclasses (1-2 days) or summer schools (1-2 weeks). Course organisers are obliged to provide a certificate to those participants that have successfully completed the course. The course certificate should mention at least the name of the participant and the title and number of ECTS of the course.



The procedure for registering courses on the EAAE website is as follows:

  1. Universities can submit a new PhD course to the secretariat of the EAAE using the template.
  2. The EAAE Early Career Researcher Committee evaluates the quality of the proposed course (in terms of its learning objectives and course activities)
  3. Approved courses will be placed on the website and are automatically removed after the last day of the course period